Life Coach / Executive Coach Glenn Hannigan

It was not my intent to become a Life Coach or Executive Coach. It was more a case of being drafted into the role. Over the years various colleagues and acquaintances urged me to add Coaching to the service menu of TruVine LLC. And I am grateful for the satisfaction I have gained through years of coaching, helping business leaders to effectively balance their professional and personal lives and achieve their goals.

I credit a diverse and unique professional background with equipping and preparing me to serve as a Life Coach.

As a career newspaper journalist, who began working at major daily newspapers while still a teenager, I learned the value of asking the right questions. One of the most valuable aspects of the Life Coaching process involves the discovery process and helping clients to see different aspects of themselves and becoming more self-aware.

The bottom line: People have blind spots because they are blind spots. How can you fix something, or make a positive change, without first becoming aware?

In addition to a long career as a senior editor, project manager, department head, and entrepreneur, I also have many years of one-on-one interpersonal experience as a youth leader, church pastor, marriage counselor, corporate communications consultant, professional trainer, etc.

I bring all these aspects of my background and training into my role as a Life Coach / Executive Coach.

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